Australian Lone Worker Safety Systems

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Safety Monitoring Solutions

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Need Protection for Solo and unsupervised workers?

As the laws change surrounding Lone worker protection and employee supervision, it is becoming imperative that companies are implementing and using tracking and monitoring devices, capable of sending alerts when an employee has an incident that could potentially harm or kill them


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Lone Worker and Personal Safety Devices

Today there are many examples of electronic monitoring systems that come in all shapes and sizes. Ideally, for employee mounted units they need to be as small and light as possible, so the worker does not even notice that the device is there.

Most devices will use both GSM and GPS means of geograhic location monitoring. Global positioning is important when keeping an eye on employee welfare because if there is an incident, the emergency services can be notified and respond quickly.

Another feature of personal tracking gadets is the ability to record voice. If a person or worker finds themselves in a position where they encounter a threat or their personal welfare is in jeopardy, they can activate the duress functions. When duress or a ‘Code Red’ situation is activated the device can send all audio back to a call monitoring centre, or store the information on the device itself. This may be useful in worst case scenarios such as determining a cause of death, or incident investigations. It may also be used as a legal aid in court proceedings.




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